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  We offer course federal formations freedivers: A1, A2, A3 and the RIFA.
The details of these courses will be updated shortly.
Video debriefing for your courses! Top pedagogy!
Discovery day/first dive or AIDA*
1 day
A discovery day for everybody, whatever your experience and your ease!
Come and learn to control your breath, relax and thus discover the pleasures and the well-being free diving offers!!!
In addition to a basic theory course basique, you will improve your ability to move in the water by improving your swimming and sea immersion skills.
Finally, for a healthy and appropriate diving practice we will tackle other topics such as the equipment and several safety techniques.
Aida** become a free diver!
2 days ½

For self-learners and people who are already comfortable in the submarine environment: scuba divers, harpooners, submarine activities fans…

With two theory courses and 4 dives your skills in all the aspects of free diving will be considerably improved:

  • Human body physiology and physical phenomena linked to immersion.
  • Breathing, relaxation and recovery techniques to maximize your free diving in safe conditions.
  • Swimming with fins, immersion, verticality, specific equipment…
  • Finally, specific first aid techniques and the notion of tandem diving..
    !!! A complete course !!!
For most divers who take this course the improvements are amazing: you will be surprised by the new skills acquired.
You will most certainly able to hold 2mn in static apnea, to cover a distance of 40 yds dynamic diving and a 16 yds depth dynamic apnea with fins.
Aida*** high level
3 days
You will learn to train and supervise your free dives according to your needs and safety measures.
A detailed theory course will allow you to learn about the different physical and physiological phenomena linked to free immersion and/or no limit apnea! (immersion reflex, gas exchanges).
Become familiar with depth and different techniques associated: free fall, frentzel compensation …
Of course, you will be taught rescue techniques dapted to your new capacities.
The minimum required at the end of a course are 2'45'' static apnea, 24 yds deep in constant weight apnea and 55m in dynamic apnea.
Let yourself be tempted by the big blue !!!
Out at sea
3 hours

Each participant is required to hold an updated certificate (ffessm, fnpsa…) or take an AIDA France membership for 40 euros (for a year) including a diving training on safety measures and the practice of tandem diving.

If you are certified and/or practice diving and willing to get a specific practice or training.
Come and enjoy our equipment (boat, oxygen therapy kit, changing rooms…) the comfort of tandem diving, our advice in order to maximize your technique and well-being in the water!

!!! Choose your outdoor excursion !!!

Constant weight, free immersion, without fins in the Baie des Anges or in the Cap d'Antibes

  • All our courses, before starting, require non-contraindication medical certificate for the practice of free diving.
  • For the under 16, an authorisation from the parents is required.
  • EVERYTHING is included in the price: the complete equipment rental, certification fees plus cards, RC insurance (for the period you want to dive with us).
  • Upon request, you can take an additional insurance!
  • Possibility to organise video debriefing sessions!
  • For safety and organisational reasons, a group will not exceed 4 people per supervisor.
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