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Eco-friendly Acts

In order to preserve the inherited marine biodiversity for the future generations and the pleasure to contemplate natural wonders that our sea offers.

Let's be eco-friendly
and responsible!!

Whether an amateur sailor, a diver, a harpooner, a fisherman, a simple swimmer on holiday or an inhabitant from the seaside… we are all concerned by the marine ecosystem equilibrium.

Please find below a non-exhaustive list of eco-friendly acts:

When diving and/or Snorkeling
  • I check the areas to be explored and the endangered species.
  • I train at managing floatability before I dive and damage the seabed. Be careful with the dangers of overloading!!
  • I carefully select my equipment: I do not leave equipment items (pressure regulator, pressure gauge…) around as they could damage the fauna and flora.
  • I move my flippers gently.
  • I do not touch (flippers or hands) the settled marine species: repetitive shocks can destroy them.
  • I do not bring anything back up from the seabed!!
  • I do not feed the animals to preserve the ecosystem equilibrium.
  • I respect the animals' tranquillity: I do not touch or get near them if they look scared.
On the boat
  • I do not throw anything overboard in the sea, particularly no plastic bags nor even food leftovers.
  • I pick up the floating plastic bags from the sea.
  • I choose to moor on the sandbanks not to deteriorate the herbariums.
  • I pull up my anchor vertically to respect the seabed and I check that I do not bring any algae when I rinse my anchor (Caulerpa taxifolia & Racemosa).
Harpooners and fishermen
  • I respect the authorised net mesh dimensions, periods and harpooning and fishing areas…
  • I check information on the endangered species.
If you want to know more

ECOMERS Laboratory
Phone: 0033 4 92 07 68 46
Caulerpa taxifolia :

For Corsica : Environment Board : Office de l'Environnement Corse
Phone: 0033 4 95 10 45 68

(+33)6 12 50 37 06      
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