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Cursus Training PADI
The Agency Diving most widespread in the world!
For each course you have the choice to make the theory with elearning (elearning link) or an educational kit (livre. ..).
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Scuba Diver
4 dives,
from 10 years

Immerse Framed 12 meters!

The first PADI diver training, short and efficient, allowing you to learn to dive up to 12 meters.

First learning footwork, use of equipment and proper breathing to evolve comfortably and safely.

Experience can be counted in your training courses PADI: Open Water diver.

Open Water Diver
7 dives,
from 10 years,
(OWD junior)

Immerse Framed 18 meters!

A comprehensive theoretical and practical training to give you the means to dive into 18m Framed.

A proven and effective cursus that leaves nothing to chance.

Around the world you will be recognized as a diver with your card Open Water Diver!
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Have you ever ventured?
Tally this experience in your future Advanced Diver training.
diving more
Advanced Diver
5 dives,
from 10 years
(Advanced diver Junior)

English only

Five immersions that will allow you to hone your knowledge and skills through diving theme, such as:
  • The orientation dive to learn to manage and identify.
  • Deep diving (30 meters max) to understand all the parameters related to this space evolution.
  • Diving buoyancy oriented to optimize your mastery in the liquid element and its three dimensions.
  • Night diving to explore some different sites and discover fauna & flora invisible by day.
  • Or dive aimed for the marine environment with a more thorough approach to its operations and how to preserve.
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Rescue Diver
5 dives,
Required age 12 years, EFR

English only

Oriented assistance and relief in the practice of scuba diving training.

Different scenarios and topics will be addressed:

  • Supports a panicked diver and / or uneven
  • Alert relief
  • Research procedures divers lost
  • Respiratory support surface...

Essential training in your progression as a responsible diver!
EFR - Emergency First Responder

2 ½ days

Essential training to acquire knowledge and
know-how necessary for the proper execution of actions aimed at preserving a victim of an accident, ailment... before its supported by the emergency services.


The Dive Master
Minimum age: 18/40 logged dives / rescue diver trained in first aid & rescue (last 24 months). First professional step in the PADI system!

Become a Dive Guide! ANY PROGRAM!

Contact us for any additional information: duration, rate, training content...

For each PADI:
  • A medical certificate of "non-cons to the practice of scuba diving" is required.
  • Parental permission for - 16 years is sought.
  • Document "discharges responsibilities" must be signed (PADI standards).
  • The price includes: theoretical & practical courses (educational kit or elearning), equipment rental, level map, logbook liability insurance.
  • A training group does not exceed 4 people.

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