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BeFreeToDive has two training programs to offer:
(French Associations with a worldwide reputation)

(Anglophone Association, mainly spread worldwide)


Why choosing one course rather than another one?
The one and only goal of these associations is to teach you scuba diving by the rule book to guarantee you the most enjoyable experience.

There are differences such as, for instance: in the PADI course, you can take the theory exam online: E-Learning is accessible from any computer.

VERY USEFUL to maximize you holidays, fun and cheaper !

When experimented enough, the ANMP course will allow you to take a new type of dives called « decompression dives » and so to plunge in the deeper sea (60 yards maximum in the open air in France, for level 3).

There are links between the two associations and you can easily decide to start with one or the other.

The equivalent of Level 1 ANMP is Water Diver PADI.
Please contact us if you need more information!
For each course:
  • A medical certificate mentioning your ability to take scuba diving is required.
  • For the under 16, an authorisation from the parents is required.
(+33)6 12 50 37 06      
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