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Further Diving
Night Dives

From level 1, with a torch lamp, amazing dives are there for you to experience!
A unique flora and fauna is there for you to see in partial darkness … an appeasing experience!

These dives will surprise you with rich sensations. An additional fee of 10 euros will be required for night dives!

Please note: these dives can be included in your Advanced Diver PADI course!

Technical Diving
For any diver wishing to prepare for a level or reclaim specific techniques after a period of inactivity buoyancy controlled lift, Orientation natural, Rescue, Parachute Bearings...
Diving suit your needs!

15 euros supplement a normal dive (see prices)
Online theory with PADI
If you happen to only have a limited amount of time for your course: Anticipate!!!

offers you the possibility to take the entirety of the theory exam online in a fun way: videos, quizzes… in regular contact with your diving centre that closely follows your learning experience.
You will only practice on D-day, once at the diving centre!

Registration and payment online directly to PADI.

For more information please contact us.
Water scooter excursions/Diving discovery

A unique experience!!!

Discover the sea from all angles supervised by state-certified professionals!
A water scooter excursion in the surroundings of the Cap d'Antibes punctuated by a first diving experience!
The complete equipment is provided for you and your only requirement is to have a medical certificate.

A diving certificate will be given to you which will give you access to a Level 1 course.

Limited seats, don't forget to make a booking.
Dive down to 40yds for a L1! Did you know?
An experimented Level 1 diver can, under supervision, dive down as far as 40 yds for an exploration and this is possible thanks to the new code of sport regulations.
All you need to do is take a course module and pass your « PE40 ».

This qualification requires at least 3 dives.

Please contact us for more information and for our price list.
Be free to learn at home
Are you lucky enough to have a swimming pool?

BeFreeToDive can come to your house with all the necessary equipment to make you discover diving or to start a course: first dive, Level 1, Open Water Diver… in your own swimming pool (minimum depth required 1yds 8 in).
« At home in a reassuring environment and why not with the children? »
Please contact us for the prices.
(+33)6 12 50 37 06      
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